Connecting Through Music

Therapeutic music, events and education.

About Me

My Story

I played violin as a child and am grateful for a classical foundation including many years of Bach.  Bluegrass taught me how to collaborate and read the room; Irish taught me how to keep time!  Family tragedy taught me the power of fiddling in an ICU setting.  Music volunteering has taught me joy.

I believe music joins intellect and emotion, body and mind, frontal lobe and ancient lizard brain.  

Therapeutic Music

Bringing acoustic music into a medical setting benefits patients, family and staff.  Playing acoustic music for people with dementia has the potential to neurologically engage on many levels including emotional and intellectual.  Close proximity and eye contact seem to enhance the experience.

Current Obsessions

Ella Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong

Frank Sinatra

Bobby Darin

Mel Torme'

Dean Martin

Harry Connick, Jr

Ray Nance

Duke Ellington

Judy Garland